The list of selected SMEs is out!

We are happy to announce that the list of selected small and medium rural tourism enterprises that will receive support from EU Cluster Rural Tourism is now on
We take the opportunity to thank all the enterprises that applied to our call, thanks for your interest and time. 

You can find the list here: List awarded projects 2nd call.docx (


Call for Tourism SMEs

The EuroCluster Rural Tourism is looking for Micro- and Nano SMEs that are in the tourism sector and are based in any EU member state or third country participating in the COSME programme and are interested in improving digital, eco-sustainability, and soft/social skills.
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This Newsletter heralds a new era for Euracademy, which is marked by rich new activity and ample possibilities to reach out to new audiences and territories in many thematic sectors, such the green transition of rural communities, supporting the greening of rural SMES, exploring the advantages of alternatives forms of agriculture that address the climate crisis, demonstrating the links between producers and consumers in a common effort for high quality healthy food etc. In addition, we are very glad to announce that in 2023, a face-to-face summer academy will take place in Hungary, following a period of solely online activity, during the pandemic.

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Com4AgriPlant, funded under the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme, is a two-year project that brings together 6 partner organisations from 5 countries in an effort to encourage sustainable behaviours in the fight against climate change through the promotion of plant-based agriculture and vegetarian diets in adult education. 

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GOODFOOD is an Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership project, started in November 2021, with the
participation of 3 European countries (Greece, Spain and Italy) and 7 project partners.

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SA 13_5

EU-Rural Tourism

This project, launched in September 2022, aims to help micro and nano SMEs in the tourism sector through the structure of a Eurocluster – ERT. Traditionally based on local or regional demand, this sector has now the opportunity to extend markets by working together on a transnational base in the Eurocluster Rural Tourism – ERT. 

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ST1-2008 108


Community-based action for a green transition. The CO-GREEN action develops an intervention model that supports community development in ecological transition, incorporating the values, principles and sustainable practices that characterise the Green Deal.

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Euracademy Association has joined REGINA Project, and is now taking actions for Regenerative Agriculture! REGINA is an Erasmus+ Cooperation partnership project, started in November 2021, with the participation of 5 European countries (Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Ireland) and 8 project partners.

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