Dedicated to capacity-building in rural areas

Summer Academy 2024

We are happy to announce the 22nd Summer Academy of Euracademy , which will take place in Greece, Attica, in the wider area of the town of Rafina, from 16 to 20 June 2024. The theme is “Responsible Food Production and Consumption for a Sustainable Future” or what makes “Good Food” for us all.

There is still time to register to the 22nd Summer Academy on Good Food at coastal Attica, Greece

People in Agricultural Landscapes cover (153 x 214 mm) - 1

IFLA Europe launches photo competition ‘People in traditional agricultural landscapes’

The list of selected SMEs is out!

We are happy to announce that the list of selected small and medium rural tourism enterprises that will receive support from EU Cluster Rural Tourism is now out.
We take the opportunity to thank all the enterprises that applied to our call, thanks for your interest and time. 

List awarded projects 2nd call.docx (

Current projects

About us


A multi-national, inter-disciplinary team of university teachers, researchers and consultants of rural development worked together for 3 years in the Euracademy project with the central aim to promote in a real, practical and substantial way the sustainable development processes in rural areas.

They developed and piloted with great success two educational packages including Summer Academies, Distance Learning courses and publications. 

In this context, the project partners have decided to formally establish a non-profit membership organisation to take forward and expand the philosophy and activities of the project. 

The Euracademy Association was formally launched during the end-of-project conference in November 2003 in Hungary. 


The core vision of the Euracademy Association is to promote capacity building in rural areas and mobilise animators and managers of rural development by offering them the opportunity to improve their skills, widen their experience, expand their professional qualifications, starting a personal itinerary of lifelong learning and providing ample space for networking and cooperation in the framework of European projects.


The Euracademy Association aims to provide a mix of different “learning resources” to the learner, via the internet, manuals, face-to-face learning in Summer Academies, practical work and networking.

Organise seminars, conferences and exhibitions addressing issues relating to capacity building and sustainable rural development.

Undertake research and studies on sustainable rural development issues, with a view of building up a body of knowledge on this theme. 

Take a practical work on account of, or in collaboration with, national and international organisations, including the European Commission.

Influence the process of sustainable rural development at this crucial moment of the substantial enlargement of the European Union.

The Board

The Association’s Board of Directors

Fouli Papageorgiou

Iren Kukorelli

Patricia Honvari

Zorair Kirakosian

Ryan Howard

Rok Mihelič

Tamara Urbančič



General Secretary













Summer Academies

Euracademy Association is a pan-European, non-profit membership organisation devoted to capacity building of rural communities in Europe. The Euracademy brings together planners, researchers and practitioners of rural development from a host of European countries. The Summer Academy on a theme pertinent to sustainable rural development is organised every year in a different location; furthermore, a Thematic Guide is published every year on the same theme as the Summer Academy.


Taking part in trans-national projects is an integral part of Euracademy’s activity that builds its capacity as an organisation, its expertise, its exposure across Europe, and its membership.

Networking and education

Summer Academies were adapted to distance learning format and uploaded in a specially The Thematic Guides used in the three first constructed platform. Distance Learning Courses were run in English and other languages

Events and conferences

The 1st Online Seminar of Euracademy Association has taken place in 3rd March 2021.

On the theme of:
“Regenerative and Biodiversity Enriching Agriculture”