Sustainable food production and consumption are global-scale issues that the EU tackles in its agenda. Intensive agriculture is one of the factors that put the largest pressure on the environment since it produces direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases Рtriggering climate change, soil and water pollution. The food production system needs natural resources such as soil and water which are threatened both by human activities and climate change. Therefore, there is a need to promote sustainable practices to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change. Another important aspect concerns the current food consumption paradigm in Europe based on food overconsumption and waste, habits and choices towards highly processed food, increasing trends of overweight and obese population, inducing lifestyle-related health problems already at very young ages. 

Taking into account the above, GOODFOOD will develop Methodology and Learning Modules on relevant topics regarding the food chain and the food nutritional value for secondary schools, fostering an integrated STEAM approach, inquiry-based learning and the integration of Art in audio-visual forms.


  • CEBAS Research Institute – Coordinator, Spain
  • Institute of Bio-Economy IBE-CNR, Italy
  • PRISMA Centre for Development Studies, Greece
  • Association Maieutik√©, Italy
  • 1 st General Lyceum of Rafina, Greece
  • Monte Miravete Secondary School, Spain

Main Aims

  1. raise awareness on sustainable and responsible food consumption taking into account the food cycle environmental impacts and the need for a balanced and healthy diet
  2. make school and STEM attractive to students and teaching methods more effective through adding A for Art into STEAM.