Let’s keep in touch with other communities!

Event 3 – 26 June 2023. Online seminar for the meeting of the communities and the exchange of experiences achieved in the first months of the project

The webinar was attended by more than 100 participants from the four partner countries.

After an introduction in the plenary, national groups were created to explore the results achieved and other requests to launch new local actions and measures.

The Greek project team, based on questionnaire responses, highlighted the high level of participation of the representatives of civil society organizations and active citizens of the city of Karditsa in the participatory processes on green issues, which strengthens democracy, social justice and the empowerment of local communities.


Adequate representation of different points of view, mutual respect between all parties involved, transparency of participatory processes, ensuring active public participation from the initial stages and publicizing the results were identified as key factors contributing to the success of participatory processes. .


On the contrary, the lack of participatory culture, the tendency of individuals to defend their private interests over common interests, the lack of trust in public bodies and government bodies, the high time requirements and the absence of institutionalized bodies such as the Municipal Youth Council are reasons that hinder participatory efforts.

From the plenary discussion with other communities from Poland, Croatia and Greece, the proposal emerged to create a shared working space in which local initiatives and small actions can be exchanged regularly, inspiring each other and mobilizing local communities.

To facilitate this, the use of a collaborative whiteboard tool would allow users to post text, images, videos, files, links and more.

We can create a project for each initiative or action and invite members to contribute to the project area throughout the process. We can structure each learning activity, assignment or event into a template to which members can easily add their content, and organize each whiteboard into a horizontal layout where members can add their own files such as presentations and drawings. This will facilitate group projects, individual projects and reviews.

By creating a shared workspace, we can foster knowledge sharing through technology and create a collaborative learning experience that brings people together.


The documentation of EVENT 3 can be downloaded from the following link:


The Co-green project is part of the CERV funding program – ” Citizens, equality, rights and values ” -, launched by the European Commission in 2021 and active until 2027.The project is funded by the European Commission .