Online seminars to start the process of activating communities for the co-planning of local activities

The activities of the CO-GREEN project started in December 2022 with Event no. 1, which involved the identification of a first group of stakeholders in the partner territories and their active involvement in two transnational webinars.

The two  webinars  were organized on  17 and 23 January 2023 respectively . With the active involvement of 109 participants (26 from Italy, 30 from Poland, 30 from Croatia and 23 from Greece), the webinars represented the online platform to start the discussion between the group of project partners and local stakeholders and experts , and to promote their involvement in the co-design of the constituent elements of the CO-GREEN intervention model.

Each webinar lasted 4 hours and took place on the Zoom platform, where participants were able to attend plenary sessions and participate in small working groups, in which the specifics of each territory were defined. Using the “Padlet” tool, participants from each community collaboratively developed territory cards, reflecting on local characteristics, problems, resources and ideas in order to start “green” co-planning activities for the benefit of the whole. community.


The documentation for EVENT 1 can be downloaded: 

The Co-green project is part of the CERV funding program – ” Citizens, equality, rights and values ” -, launched by the European Commission in 2021 and active until 2027.The project is funded by the European Commission .