14th Summer Academy Presentations

Presentations in English:

Integrating Immigrants and their Children – Overview and Challenges for Rural Areas, Thomas Liebig – OECD

Social capital at rural communi.es: social cohesion and new actors, Dr Wojciech Goszczynski – Nicolaus Corpernicus University

Needs Analysis Research for the capacity building of Greek NGOs, in the frame of the project “Rural NGOs: Catalysts for Social Cohesion and Sustainable Development, Demetris Mylonas – Euracademy Association

Rurality and Migrant Communities – no problems here!, Mohammed Dhalech – North Wales Regional Equality Network

Capacity building programme For NGOs in Slovenija – Experiences from the period 2007/2014 and challenges for the future, Lili Mahne – NEC

Conditions of civic development in small rural communities, Fotini Papoudakis – TEI Kalamata

Inclusion and Exlusion – Immigrants and Refugees in Hungary, Iren Kukorelli & Patricia Honvari – Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Social inclusion of refugees and immigrants in Swedish rural areas, Nils Lagerroth – Swedish Rural Network

New Scots: integrating refugees in Scotland’s communities, Joe Brady – Scottish Refugee Council

NGO Cooperation and Contribu+on to refugees’ training and welfare in Turkey, Erdem Vardar – YUVA

Presentations in Greek:

MKO του Αγροτικού χώρου: Καταλύτες Κοινωνικής Συνοχής και Βιώσιμης Ανάπτυξης, Fouli Papageorgiou – Euracademy Association

Πολιτική συμμετοχή των μεταναστών στη χώρα υποδοχής, Liljana Saliaj

Presentations by Greek NGOS:

Almasar Organisation, Mahmoud Abdelrasoul & Fotini Retzo

Ομοσπονδία Αλβανικών Συλλογών στην Ελλάδα, Etmond Guri